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Updated Microsoft Cognitive Emotion &Amp; Bing Speech Recognition?

I noticed that EZ Robot has published an update to each of the Microsoft Cognitive Emotion & Bing Speech Recognition plugin's. What was done and is it worth me updating my version? If it's worth it, how would I go about updating the version I'm currently using?

Also this is probably a Bing issue (or even something within my home network?) but I've noticed a lag in my Bing Speech Recognition. ARC seems to respond as fast as usual because I can see the control process the phrase I say. Then there is a pause sometimes of up to several seconds before I will receive a response from Bing. Then the ARC will complete it's script. This process used to be almost immediate. Any thoughts on how I can get this to speed back up? I'm not using Pandorbots but just having the Bing response trigger scripts I have. Pandorbots is not even in the mix here.


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updated to the latest microsoft libraries. and a fix for why sometimes the vision cognitive plugins would show a big X in the image



I've never updated a plugin. Do I just redownload it and reinstall?


If you already have the plugin then when a new version comes out ARC asks you automatically if you want to upgrade the plugin when you open ARC to a blank project

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