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Unboxing Video

I don't know if this is the right way to post a video. I didn't find any buttons on the video page to publish mine. So here's my unboxing video footage. Enjoy!


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Great unboxing video @Nicolas! Thanks for showing off your new ezrobot:) We are excited to watch your next videos on what amazing stuff you can do with it!


Nice video Nicolas.... China is packaging them much better now....



This is an awesome unboxing video! So well done. I loved seeing it from the top as you opened everything. :D


Hi Aislinn,

I send you an e-mail on the 27th of November with an extract of this unboxing video, I don't know if you saw it. According to the EZ-Robot webshop the scorpion bundle should also have two rotational servos on the arms, as you can see in this video @1:45 this is not the case. Could you explain me why. thanks!

KR Nicolas


I suggest reaching out through the Contact Us page for a warrenty replacement. The same issue occured with the first batch of Roli's and they sent out the plastic bits to convert the two extra lever servos to rotation servos.



I just got my scorpion kit, and it is also missing the two rotation servos. This is different from the first batch or Roli's that had the right number of servos but two of the wrong kind so EZ-Robot just had to send plastic parts. These servos are completely missing. (I did use Contact Us to deal with the issue, just updating this thread so Nicolas realizes he needs to ask for servos and not plastics if he didn't already).



Indeed thank you for the update. I did as you told me and send a message trough the contact us. I'm waiting for an answer.



This has got to be a real pain in the but for ez robot and expensive for them to fix. Sounds like the packing and shipping department in China needs retraining.


This is fairly typical of the early days of a new company doing business with China. I am sure they will get it under control.

I worked for a MUCH larger company, and when we moved manufacturing of one of our components from Canada to China (sorry Canadians, if it is any consolation it was a huge mistake) we had very similar issues (although we first tried to go to Mexico, and it was even worse....).

Just too bad the shipping costs are so high. I had an outstanding order and tried to save them a little by having them combine the replacement parts in with the order, but literally while I was typing into the Contact Us form I got the notice that the order had shipped and it was already with DHL.



Hey Nicholas! I see someone is working with you in Customer Support on this. Let me know if you need anything else! :)