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I get " syntax error, unknown command " when I try to put in UARTRead(0,0,10) in my script. Anyone come across this?


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How are you using the command? Can you provide sample code?

Bear in mind, any command which fetches data must be assigned to a variable or used as part of an expression such as;

$x = UARTRead(0,0,10)


IF(UARTREAD(0,0,10) = "true")


Print("Data Received: " + UARTREAD(0,0,10))

Every ARC control and EZ-Script command has an example in the examples folder. The UART example is in EZ-Script Function Syntax\ and is named UART Peripheral. The scripts within the Example Project should help you understand how to use the commands.

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It's a common mistake, I wrote a quick tutorial on getting data and using it in EZ-Script a while back which explains why just the command on it's own is meaningless.

For a better understanding, if you want it, have a read of this topic.

Glad that solved the problem :)