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Uart Port Designation

On the v4 we have 4 ports designated to UART. The command asks for a port ie. UARTInit(0,0,9600) the first is the board the second is the port and the third is the data. What do you put in the second to indicate the Tx and Rx ports on v4?


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There are only three UART designations 0, 1, & 2. The firmware determines which digital port is used during a receive or transmit command.
That would be 3 UART ports... No need to designate RX and Tx ports...

Sample code on how to use them is below (using a Roomba)... using uart port 3


uartinit(0, 2, 57600) #initiate the port

uartWrite(0,2,142,7) #Check Roomba Create Bump and wheel drop sensor


IF (UARTAvailable(0,2)>0)