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Type Or Namespace 'Ezb_Connect' Does Not Exist In The Namespace 'Ezb'

I'm trying to install the C# SDK and I get the error messge "the type or namespace 'EZB_Connect does not exist in the namespace 'EZB'... showing up in Form1.Designer.cs. Can anyone offer a solution? I'm using VS Community 2013. See attached screen shot.


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you need to copy all of the EZ-B SDK DLLs to your project build directory. See the SDK release notes.



Make sure you have included the ezb.dll file as a reference to your project along with having the correct .net framework.


I have done that and the error message still comes up. The framework is 4.5. Other suggestions?


Is EZ_B in your references?
Is Copy Local set to True?
Is it in your project directory?


are you using an example DJ provides or building your own project?

DJ gives an example of what needs to be layed out in your code if its a new project Here.

Also don't forget to add the .dll to your tool area.


EZ_B is in the references, Copy Local is set to True and the files were copied to the bin/debug folder of the project as specified in the Installation Notes.


If you install team viewer 10, I would be more than happy to connect and see if I can figure it out.


orwnic82, I am using a project from the Tutorials page. This is what shows up:

private System.Windows.Forms.NumericUpDown numericUpDown2;
private System.Windows.Forms.NumericUpDown numericUpDown1;
private EZ_B.EZB _ezb;
private EZ_B.EZB_Connect ezB_Connect1;

It is EZB_Connect in the last line that has a squiggly blue line under it and the message "The type or namespace 'EZB_Connect does not exist in the namespace 'EZB' (are you missing an assembly reference?)


Also just a note, if that is an instance of the connection tool it maybe because the instance name did change for their tool. I can't view your designer.cs but the name of the instance has to be EZB_Connect, it maybe something similar but changed to uezb_connect or something along those lines. I will have to check then at home but I remember having to update this in my old projects cause the tool creates a different instance name.


d.cochran I have Team Viewer 10 up and running. Please contact me by email at for the ID and password.


D.cochran solved the problem. Thanks!


Please tell me how you resolved it.



Can you expand on...

  1. What you are using (EZ-SDK or Plugin)?

  2. What is the error?

  3. If it is EZ-SDK, what project are you loading?


Hello DJ, I believe I have the same problem that was reported by MGP and solved by CochranRobotics, but I didn't see the actual solution.

I tired VS 2013 and VS 2015 on the SDK example Robot Remote Control in the x86 mode

I followed the instructions in the readme file

Fixed the ref to the EZ_B.dll file and checked copy local

Copied all dlls to the \bin\debug folder.

The error is:

Error 1 The type or namespace name 'EZB_Connect' does not exist in the namespace 'EZ_B' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

I have attached pics of the error

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Thanks, Frank


The "Robot- Remote Control" is actually a broken project and should not have been included in the EZ-SDK package. Thank you for bringing that to my attention so i may remove it on the next release.

The projects labelled "Robot" are incomplete and are not very good examples of the EZ-SDK.

Use one of the 60+ tutorial labelled projects for EZ-SDK examples:)

Thanks Frank!