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No. Why would you want to though? That would be going backwards.

That TTL SPP is what the V3 used for communications and has been upgraded to WiFi on the V4. It is still useful for other devices which may need wireless connection but swapping the wifi for bluetooth on the V4 seems a little backwards.


Unless the V4 is going to be installed into a robot large enough to support a PC. In that case a direct connection might be wanted between the PC and the V4.


hi there is a tutorial for using the gps.

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@Doc, a good point (however the bluetooth ttl wouldn't be the ideal solution there but the method of swapping out would be the same).

I would guess that the wifi module pretty simple to swap out, I think I read DJ mention it was before. Perhaps Anthony can have a look at his V4 and see if it's nicely labelled up like the V3 was and if it is simply a case of removing the WiFi module and swapping it for a USB TTL.

If, however the WiFi on the V4 is a decent standard (which I would imagine it is) hard wiring may not be required unless you wanted that absolute certainty that connection would not drop.

@nomad18.08 if you click on the big learn button in the menu it'll show you all of the EZ-Robot tutorials, if what you are looking for isn't in there then search the forums for a community made tutorial. There is a small tutorial for GPS in the learn section under ARC Manual. GPS information