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Trying To View Foscam F19831p Ip Cam In ARC Windows Video Control?


I visited the threads regarding viewing Foscam Video in ARC Camera Control. I have a Foscam F19831p IP Video Camera and entered the following information in the camera control device select box:


When I select start in the Camera Control I get the following error message in the camera view area:

JPGStream Read Error (there are red crosshatch lines in the display also (two horizontal and two vertical).

The Foscam F19831p is set to snapshot (JPEG) Mode. It should be noted that the camera is set to snapshot mode in tinyCam Monitor Pro Application on my cell phone. I assume that is what it will be set at unless some other program changes it. I have no other applications that I have run that would change it.

I can view the video on my cell phone and also on my laptop. When viewing on Laptop I type in http://192.168.x.x:Port and it opens up the foscam application on my laptop. Once I enter my password and username name the video shows up. However one key thing here is that I have to select the substream video stream before it will show video from camera.

I am connected successfully in the client mode as mentioned in some of the threads and this makes sense of course.

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated and thanks in advance ! Rick B.:) tired


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The camera control does not support Jpeg snapshots.

Unless you can get an url returning mjpeg video (without asking any other details e.g. user,password or other options) , there's no simple way to convert to a video feed.

The other option is to develop a plugin.


Hello ptp,

This is not what the other threads regarding displaying video from foscam cameras ( Ip) in ARC are saying. Search on foscam and look at the recent threads by pittom and others. Anyone else have an idea? Rick:)



this is the camera tutorial:

this is relevant part:


JPEG Snapshot HTTP Video Device - a third party camera or video source which provides JPEG images may be selected as a video source. Simply enter the complete HTTP URL of the video source. If the HTTP video source requires authentication, consult the documentation of your device for correct syntax. You may test the JPEG URL in a web browser to verify that it is valid and that only the JPEG is displayed, not any HTML. Example: or, etc..

if you can get an url http://ip_address_camera/script/bla_bla_parameters

returning a plain jpeg no html no other inputs, i believe it will work.

so the main question is if you have the url for your camera model.



I searched EZR forums:

Foscam cameras mentioned:

Foscam 8910 White

Foscam 890W, Foscam 8904W

quick search on the internet:

you will see 8910, 8905 they support image compression: mjpeg

model 9831p (yours) image compression: h264

h264 is associated to the protocol RTSP stream.

keep guessing, your camera must support a RTSP url with h264 encoder.

ASFAIK ARC does not support RTSP streams.

i'm only guessing, and i spent only a couple minutes searching.

you should try the foscam support forum and ask how to obtain:

  1. jpeg url
  2. mjpeg url (video stream)

using the http protocol.


Hello ptp,

I noticed that you show the actual entered username and password in all caps. My password and user name are both all lowercase. Would I be correct in assuming I don't have to change them to all caps as shown in the above script? I would assume not.

I don't have a username of admin and I assume that when I see this in documentation it is just a sample username. Would this be correct?

When I enter the ip address and port number only in the browser screen it brings up the foscam viewing and control app on the laptop screen. Once I enter the username and password, then it goes into the foscam viewing & control app. The video won't display unless I select substream. This seems a bit odd. Do I need to see if there is a cgi command to select substream? Even though I have the foscam app closed could the software from foscam be interfering with ez- builder camera control? I wouldn't expect so.

Thanks again for your continued help! Rick



yes you are right, uppercase is only to highlight

if you put the full url using your ip, user and password, you still need to authenticate ?


Hello ptp,

Not sure what you mean by authenticate? I thought this was user name and password? Maybe this is what the issue is. Not sure how to authenticate? Thanks much ptp ! Rick


So, reading the reviews, it appears the hardware is highly rated, just the software that is not. I had a promotional credit at Amazon, so was able to get a $12 discount, and I wanted a camera for the next time I go on vacation, so I went ahead and ordered one. Amazon prime, so it will be here today, and I will set some time aside on Sunday to figure out if it can successfully be used in ARC. From what I have been reading, the API commands may have changed since the earlier versions of the camera, and unfortunately, removed all of the forum posts about it when they stopped providing US support for foscam, and many of the links to examples I found were all linked to that forum....

We'll get it figured out though. Either by figuring out the commands, or making a plugin.



I'm with Alan not a good support.

It seems stupid simple the API, but between broken links, user mistakes, guesses etc is difficult to reach the objective.

I'm happy with my RPI + IR Camera + PAN & TIL servo and Zoneminder software. the cost is below $100 and the RPI can be used for other stuff.

Unfortunately is not a friendly solution if you don't have Linux skills and some free time to setup the solution.


Hello ptp and the techguru

I was wondering if you could shed some light on what authentication is. I looked on the internet last night and it seems that browsers like internet explorer don't support the username and password in the url? Any clarification on what authentication is would be much appreciated.

That is awesome Alan that you have purchased my same foscam camera and that you will be looking into getting it going with ARC ! That is too cool ! I did a search on foscam F19831p cgi commands and actually did find a couple of different versions of the foscam document. Might be even better to search on foscam F19831p api commands. Looking forward to see what you come up with. Again very cool ! Rick:)



Authentication: It was my mistake, i assumed the user & password failed and the web software asked for a user & password, but it was your first attempt and intentional (without the parameters).

one more test:

  1. after reading the user guide, it seems you don't have configured the encoder for the substream.

you need to do open a browser with the following url:


if it works well it will return "0" in the browser, 0 means no errors.

after that you can use snapPicture2 cmd url


Thanks ptp,

I will go ahead and try this when I am at my laptop. I assume I will need to enter my port number as well? Thanks for all your help and very quick responses ! This is very awesome ! Rick:)


The manual mentions 3 default ports: 88 - http port 443 - https port 888 - onvif port

if you changed the http port replaced with your value.

if you are using https port, use the http port instead.


My camera just arrived, but I won't be able to do anything with it until Sunday.



That is awesome Alan. Will be interesting to see what you come up with ! Rick


Rick, I Haven't done more than read the manual yet, but I had a question. I think you said you use an Android app other than the Foscam app. Which one do you use?



Hello techguru,

I use tiny cam monitor pro and it works very well. I paid maybe four dollars for the app from the android app store. You can get the regular version from the app store also, you just get advertisements at the bottom of the screen. I would suggest getting pro version. You could get free version and try out first. Looking forward to hear what you come up with......Rick


Hello ptp and techguru,

I had success today and have actually viewed the foscam color video in the ARC Software with the Camera Control. Entering the commands ptp that you mentioned above I was able to successfully view the snapshot using the url commands from above. First setting the substream and then using snap picture2. Using the cmd=snapPicture2 in ARC did the trick.

Now that I know the video can be displayed I wanted to write a script using the HTTPGet command to try and control the Pan/Tilt and IR LED functions. I entered the following script:

HTTPGet("http://192.168.0.x:port/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=ptzMoveLeft&user=rbonari&pwd=angella1";)) Sleep(10000)

This did not work, but I am not sure the cmd command string is proper. Any thoughts or ideas on why this might not work would be helpful?

Good success though on viewing the video. It appears to work great thanks to all of your help, both ptp and techguru !:)



Good news, let's close this thread and move to the other thread you open.

The url you wrote has errors (user vs usr), please check my last post on the other thread.


Thanks PTP and Alan for all your help ! :):)