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Trying To Create Tracking Eyes Using Mobile Link

Is there anywhere that can show me a step by step process to create a tracking eyeball robot head with my iPad? I don't know if I'm that stupid or what but I'm really having a difficult time even getting started. I've tried following a few tutorials. I have an I robot head with eyes and servos. This came complete. Ready to plug in. I bought an ez-b v4 and a camera. I am trying to create a halloween prop with the eyes that would follow you in the room. I want to display this at a convention so it would need to run off my iPad or I phone. Any type of direction would be greatly appreciated. I'm having trouble even getting started. Steve


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someone chall chime chortly.but is this what you are looking to make.

fx, I would recommend starting much smaller than a custom robot for your iPad or iPhone. It would be much easier if you start with one of our robots using your laptop/pc. You need to practice before the race:D

iff you open ARC ,you see a question mark ( ? )on avery page.
when you click on that you get full explanation how to do it.
like dj says take you time.its a lot off fun to learn and understand.
but keep asking question .
If you start with any of our robots - I would recommend JD because he's my favorite. And with the parts from JD, you can build the robot that you're asking about.

You can take the parts off JD and build something new, like a robot eyeball! hehe
@DJ will correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think the mobile app supports camera tracking yet. You will need a Windows computer driving the EZ-B and camera to do that for now.

Since you mentioned that this is for a halloween prop, that situation may change by October, as DJ is adding features all the time.


do you have a pic from the inside i-robot head?
here a pic for your auto -possition.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
You haven't programed it right try looking at the cheat sheet.
If that dose not work then try making more buttons and controls.

love to hear from you how far are you now with your project.

just incase i made mobile app,you need to fill the commands.
but we can help you with that.

see link below.

my mobile eye interface