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Trying My Own Build First Before R2 Unit

so i got a drawing made of a robot that i want to build. But it will have 4 legs instead of two and will need a torso built for it with arms and the head. (maybe created way later on) and funds suck right now. i don't get any money what so ever yet i'm disabled and cannot work for but needs to be able to stand all types of weather. pouring rain is the most in portent resistance to water proofing it would be best sense I'm in WA. with all my mental and medical problems. i think this will be a good machine to try these things on first before i go to r2 unit


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Hello krells! Welcome to EZ Robot
An R2 unit with 4 legs.... hmm so then its a R4-D4! Lol. When you put your mind to it you can do anything. I understand you want your robot to be able to get rained out without damaging or disabling it. This means you need the fewest amount of openings possible. Can I ask what would you like your all weather robot to do?
help me around so i don't fall on my ass or hit my head on something. knows when i get dizzy. health issues basically as i got lesions in my brain. and i walk with a cane and my ankle gives me pain and that's a plan to get as much help from it as possible. then my body gets random spots that give me pain and can last 5 to 1 day or months suks

now i remember ghost in the shell show could build that too
User-inserted image

that there could be built with a zezer0 android to be made to go inside of it or something
i'd have it made as though it had a skull for the face and bones for the rest of it
i love gothic stuff wonder how it would look like *confused* need more emotions than that

i also thinking of changing the end of it to be more like a widow or some kind of spiderish thing
User-inserted image

this part be the butt end to connect to the body
i may make a pod that i lay down in so my body is equal to my heart or just keep it for batteries and solar panel for recharge when it's sunny then the plug in and maybe a car battery charger

so this is what i got it'll help out but need other parts to help on this creation i can squeeze in it besides I'm flexible to get inside if i have to. using the ez b thing it maybe easy to get this thing configured to helping me out.i also have an idea for construction parts being used for robotics just need to find that one part for the arms that have the shovel thing if i can steal my moms camera for a few days yes need my own stuff but don't know how to shoot video with the camera (my mom doesn't know either)
i might have to build four arms and more legs but i'll try 4 legs and no arms
i also have stiffness in my body at random times i might have to just build a suit to help me get to places faster.hm-mmm that's a challenge that someone can create
can anyone draw life like than anime? *confused* need a smiley scratching head and one thats rubbing it's chin also i have a sphere of a war planet does anyone remember them at all
User-inserted image

then i have the ice planet i don't really like it as much and if i try to open it it falls apart these would be the eyes and head of the droid/spider thingy but rather get a hollow out sphere that i can cut into and build the robotic camera into it
User-inserted image

i just found a moon for those things but i like to turn them into robotical things
but the blue one is cool looking and clear

User-inserted image
User-inserted image

that is one of the parts for the legs^ toatle of 4

User-inserted image

then this would be the batterys be located at
User-inserted image

got this to help out with my ideas

User-inserted image

here's a one more thing from my book it's the same as the one with the legs should go to but didn't want the extra stuff steering away from the idea
from the looks of the rendered 3D drawing, it is going to fall backwards. Maybe if you made the two robot arms a little longer in the front it would counter weight the problem. Looks like an interesting build.
if you go to a site called astromech its a R2-D2 builders clubs with parts drawing ideas on building a R2-D2 robot
here what tools i have so far plus a baiting knife (which is not shown in the picture)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
User-inserted image

this will be a robotic camra to be fit into later
User-inserted image

skeeball anyone it is the exact shape I'm looking for now i just need to open it without breaking the sphere apart

User-inserted image

heres the back of it
User-inserted image

i finaly got it open but it didnt go were i wanted it to go
i wanted it to be in half but got it didn't do that you can find one at fred myer's