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Tomy Robots

I wanted to know if anyone has complete rc tomy robots for salefor my ez robot project or knows somewhere to buy cool vintage robots
I hope to hear from you guys soon


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United Kingdom
There are hundreds on ebay. I spent the best part of an hour today adding some to my watch list.

Set the search for worldwide to ensure they are shown.
A good robot to find on ebay is omnibot 5402 model,or another tomy design is ROBIE jr and then there is HEAROID

Hardest one to find is omnibot 2000
@LARS if you check my post on MY ROBOTS i have very large collection of robots and many TOMY robots to give you ideas. and still have a lot more to list.
Start small Lars and work hour way up:) if you get the kit it has continuous servos which are great for a small r2d2 or something.
Do you think omnibot 5402 is a good first ez robot project
United Kingdom
Yes. It's popular so there will always be someone around to help if you get stuck. It's roomy. And DJ has mentioned there will be EZ-Bits coming that fit the 5402.

Plus it just looks awesome too.

I do have something of a love for the 5402 since it was the one toy I wanted that I never got (until 28 years later when I finally bought one, which lead me to EZ-Robots too so double bonus)
That would be great any link to the ez-bits FOR OMNIBOT 5402

Are you still looking for a Tomy Chatbot No.5404?

I have one with the original box, remote control, and serving tray.

There is no discoloration as it has been in its box for the past 25+ years.

The remote still works, and the robot functions as normal with the exception of the recording device. It no longer records or plays back any sound, although the mechanism moves when you attempt to record or playback.

Leave a reply if interested, and we can exchange contact information.