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United Kingdom
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The Unofficial Six Dance Off Contest

A while back a challenge was thrown down...

The unofficial Six dance off contest is here!..

There is only one rule and that is there are no rules!:)

Upload your Six busting a move below. To start things off here's my first attempt which took less than half an hour to throw together.


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@Rich... OK, but to make it fair you're only allowed to use the right lobe of your brain....:P
Ha,ha good video.... How about a version of Six "busting a move" to Michael Jackson's Thriller....:)
okay, I do not have six yet... But mini-zipper has six legs. So once 3d printer is not putting out sounds, and coffee has kicked in, he will show his moves...


here's mz...
I didn't think that I liked hexepods until I started seeing what people are doing with Six. Now I have changed my mind.
Kinda makes one consider slapping some servos around the base of a Roomba !
United Kingdom
Is nobody else attempting this?
I am build six now, a day from now have something.


I love to see all these sixes in action.

Here is what I'm Up too...

Ill have some dancing soon.. I want to get the WII Remote running and a few other things going before I play.