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Asked — Edited

The Robot Seems To Avoid The Ball Instead Of Tracking It.

I have played with all the settings and have not improved things. If you have any ideas. I am just trying to follow the red ball. She sees it, but does not follow. She tries but all in the wrong directions. I have tried invert to no avail.

Once I get color tracking to work, the face and movement ought to be easy I think.

I am having some fun and some frustration.



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The option INVERT is your friend
Yes, i used that one. But, I was wondering if you had a video or tutorial on how to adjust for the color ball. Maybe some settings to start off with. I played with it for about an hour and a half and then the battery when dead in the camera. So, I am charging everything and getting it ready for SUN. Overall, the project has been a little EZer than I thought it was going to be.

I could use some of your good advise.


I went back and looked at what you do have stated. I noticed you talked about lots of light. I only have two 48 watt florecent bulbs in my office that is pointed at the ceiling to reflect. So , there is not a lot of light. I am going to experiment SUN with more light.
I have 2 suggestions for you.....
first adapt the camera to use the power of Ez-Board...
and you have to set the brightness correctly.... playing with the options to get the correct configuration....... if you need help... you can go to the chat... i will be there...:)
Thank You, edison2. I will be doing this SUN and Maybe MON depending on my schedule.