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The Image Of My Camera Freeze When The Wheels Of My Robot Work ! !

Hi, The image of my camera freeze when the wheels of my robot (Wall E) work. Why? Help! Thanks!

Excuse I, my English is very bad.


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Is your camera powered or connected to your ez-b for power? What kind of wheel motors are you using? Are you using the latest version of ARC? . Please provide more information for someone to help you.:)

  • The Camera connected to your EZ_B for Power (
  • Yes my version of ARC is latest (Tested yesterday evening with Version 2012.09.17.00)
  • The wheel motor is the one of the standard kit EZ_B

Is there much radio interference from the camera? It could be related to that. Otherwise maybe it's a strange issue I've never experienced before. Try today's release, as it does pertain to the video processor.


I would try alternate power source other than the ezb for the camera. Direct to battery through a regulator. 5v regulator. if im right its the ground on the ezb feeding back to the camera.


I will do some tests tonight or this weekend. thank you


Hi, I found the solution.

I had taken the solution of TLouis with added 3 diodes for powering directly off EZ-B and it had to cause radio interference, i think. I deleted diodes and it works perfectly (methode of winstn60).

Thank Scuse for my english (thank IoI