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The Crew

I was tidying up the office today. Snapped this pic of the kids.

Plans -
Omnibot #3 - Newest Omnibot I have . Currently un-touched. Thinking no dome mech warrior.
Omnibot #2 - Mr. T. Going for paint (Black) very soon. Need to finish off arm movement.
Hasbro R2-D2 - Almost complete. Needs a camera in dome and sonar.
Wall-E #1 - Complete. Still tweaking script.
Robosapien - Need to finish jet-pack (cover for EZ-Board). It has a frick'n laser beam.
Roomba Rover - Needs camera. My son's robot.
AR Parrot - Still working on my flying skills.
R2-D2 - Currently being overhauled and re-painted.

Omnibot #1 - Pee-Wee. Getting his arms setup. Going for paint (White).
Wall-E #2 - Currently in 100 pieces.

So many things to do. Hoping to work on them this long weekend.

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Hey @lumpy I've seen your super real R2 unit a few times now and I was wondering, about how much does it weigh fully assembled? You've a very handsome family, by the way.:)
Last guesstimate was in the 170-180lbs range (3-12v-9ah batteries). I'm adding an
Optima 12v car battery which is another 43lbs.

Takes 2 people to lift and move around.

I'm currently upgrading the dome electronics, repainting all my blue parts, and finishing
off the EZ-B upgrade. It's much easier to do this when he's in pieces.

For now the EZ-B is controlling:

Foot Drives (Sabertooth 2x25)
Dome Drive (Syren10)
Periscope Lighting
Life Form Scanner Lights
Life Form Scanner Rotation
Emergency Stop Magnetic Switch
Sparkfun MP3 Trigger
Sparkfun MP3 Trigger In-Use (ADC)

There will be a tonne more for it to do for servos down the line.

The family keeps growing!
United Kingdom
Doing some spring cleaning today so had to move everyone out of the way... then realised I've got a photo of the gang together without knowing it (gotta love IP cams):D

User-inserted image

Melvin on the left, then Test Bot, Robosapien, Wall-E, Roboraptor poking his head through, Jarvis, Mini Robosapien stood on what's to be yet another PC for Jarvis to use for certain tasks (making it 4 different PCs to run Jarvis), then we have Omnibot waiting to be EZ-Bified stood on top of another Omnibot mint in box:)

My nephew calls this room my robot room, it's supposed to be my office but robot room sounds better:D

This room hasn't been tidied! And the pic was from the IP cam
I have a lot in boxes in peices ready to use EZB very soon,but will take photos of the ones that are not,maybe 40 or more.