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Thank You Everyone

I apologize. And thank you everyone. I am in big pressure on my projects, all my partners wait for me to choose good items. I see the shipping is from zongshan China, that makes me feel excited. It is good item. And save lots of transportation cost, and i was told it saved also import tax if ship from Canada.
My professor check the software, he aslo loves it. Although almost 1 year pass.

I am very dispointed, but still loving it. If has a shop in Shanghai, i still love to see.

Thank you very much everyone.



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i dont get your disappointment. have you made an order? if so, when was it placed?

if you need your product by the end of September, why don't you order a developer kit, and the $50 platform mentioned in the other post you had, and some additional servo pieces and build what you need?

Nobody is saying you wont get your product, only that it might be late. if you can wait until October then odds go up drastically. you can write the program some before the robot arrives. the time it takes you to program the robot will also be less.

In the future though, please don't be so rough with your posts. this community is very nice and very helpful if you let them be. I have also been guilty of being rough when stressed and don't hold it against you. Rest assured that ez robot is a very real company and community. if there is anything i can do to help you with your project, please ask.