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Thank You Dj And Ez-B

I just wanted to say "thank you" to DJ. The EZ-B is truly revolutionary and brings a realization to many of us who have dreamed of building our own personal robots. This forum is also a blessing. I have never been more proud to be associated with a group of people who are so helpful and friendly. It is funny how so many, who are into non-humans, can be so human - more so I think than many I have encountered.

Thank you all.:D


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:D Awh that's super nice to hear! Good to know our hard work and lack of sleep pays off. I don't remember the last weekend i've actually had away from EZ-Robot... But, seeing the robots you all build makes it worth it!

It ain't easy changing the world:D


haha, dude i agree

before this i was all into my 8 month old Acura tl. i was at acurazine everyday. and since Coachella is coming up, i would be on that site every freaking day.

now ezb trumped...cant remember last time i even logged it to those sites, and i have to say, this forum is way more responsive than most...

best part is, people are knowledgeable and not stuck up about it...

so sweet...

what do you want to do today brain? same thing we do every night pinky, try to take over the world...



I also would like to thank DJ.

I worked at my dad's IT company for a week of my summer holiday to be able to afford my EZ-B but it is definately worth it!

Sometimes i don't have the patience to program my arduino and everything and that's where my EZ-B comes in :D

Anyways, Thanks a bunch DJ!


@ bret tallent. I concur whole heartedly! I have found the folks that aare now EZ-B followers are among the best. Everyone shares so freely! None of this would have been possible without DJ!!!