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Text To Speech Software.

Has anyone found a relatively simple to use TTS that would produce an awesome "Robot" voice?? I have Ultra HAL but it is loaded with glitches. I'd like to be able to change the default voice ( I have Microsoft Anna) to a really nice robot sound. Any help appreciated. Lloyd


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Microsoft used to have a "Robot" voice that was pretty decent. That was back in the SAPI 4 days though. I don't know if it ever got updated for SAPI 5.1. The trend is towards making the voices more human like, not less.

If you want to use recorded bits instead of TTS, there are a couple of decent voice changer software apps that can do a good robot modification to your own voice. I have only played with ones on Android, but I am sure some searching would come up with some windows apps or web services.



I would be interested in a metallic ROBOT TTS voice as well if anyone finds one.

For me, its either that or go 'lifelike'

A few years back I bought some AT&T Natural Voices. They are still available. Looks like they cost about $35 bucks. Well worth it I though. The two I have are so good they freak my wife out sometimes when the TTS engine says something.

AT&T Natural Voices

You can also use the AT&T Labs TTS to hear the voices they have for sale and also download any you want to use for your project:

AT&T Natural Voice demo TTS to WAV demo

I would like a robot voice like the Cylons from can do this with voice changers....but have not seen a TTS engine for it.



I was thinking you could use both a mp3 trigger for commands with motion and sound and text to speech for conversation. One of the ones I looked at was this one And it has a old robot filter . The PVC pipe filter is pretty good too. With a mp3 trigger and 250 responses you could have a almost endless amount of questions . I'm not sure if the builder software has a limit on commands that are voice activated. :) J.W.