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Techno's Got A Rad!

I got a rad for my birthday today! I've got a whole plan laid out and I almost have enough cash to pay for the stuff I need. I can't wait to start working on him!

Edit:(this is an old post and my birthdays long gone. just saying.)

By the way, have they always been this big?!?!?
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sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yup, always that size for that model. The later models were smaller.
Happy Birthday Tech! Nice score btw. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
I sorta new you were a Gemini. That is something we have in common. My birthday was June 11, last tuesday. Happy birthday. Enjoy your RAD.
Happy Birthday, and best of luck with your project.
Today I decided due to cost sake that I am not going to follow through with my plans. Instead, I'm going to make a rover-like robot similar to the brookstone rover using the rads base. This will make the acronym stand for "Rover Attack Device". When I start working on it ill make a showcase project.
Nice, that base is awesome to work with. I have used it on a couple of my projects.
I'm a fan of rad. It's even better if you ditch the gearbox and install high torque motors because the original plastic gearbox is a noisy one.
Any tips on switching out the gearboxes with servos? I finally got to hacking my RAD and one of bthe gear boxes seems faulty:(
@RR333 , servos are brutally slow in comparison to the original motors but if you are ok with that then you could glue the large gear to a servo modified for continous rotation. Take in mind you will want to use a high torque servo for this job because a standard servo will not have enough torque to move a base the size of a RAD around. A pollolu.com power hd 1501mg (240 oz in 6v ) should do the job as long as you stay on smooth surfaces but not outdoors.
Thanx; I opened up the faulty gear box and it was just the gear on he motor shaft came off, I put I back together and it works, then popped off again. Should I superglue it on? If I change the motor out with a High gear DC Motors later It may be hard to get the gear back off again:( What's worked for you? also does that engine sound dampening stuff work well you guys are putting on he gearboxes? thanx again.