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Tablet For Onboard Computing?!

DJ piggybacking on the small PI computer disscusion, I was wondering if any of the tablets that run windows 7 home edition, would be powerful enough to act as an onboard computer? They have have a built in touch screen and many are shipping with dual and quad cores. What do you recomend as the minimum amount of CPU and ram to run the EZ Board?

Also is there any progress with an Android app? Alot of tablets run Android and if that was an option, it would open up more possibilities for other tablets, if tablets would work as onboard computers.

( a note, i am thinking more for use with the robot in autononmous mode, as i see you running robots with tablets via remote access.)


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Yes for Windows , android will eventually be available but Windows will always have more power. But if its onboard don't wast 500 on a low power tablet when you could buy a low wattage much more powerful mini atx computer with a 2 - 3 GHz dual core CPU.