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Symbol Detection

Is it possible to use this software to detect certain symbols, say a heart on a playing card? If the heart is detected, it will engage a servo. If the heart it is not detected, it will engage another servo.


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Not with ARC. You could use the custom haar (I think could be harr or even haas...) detection but it is limited to one item and not well documented.
That's unfortunate. Can you recommend another software that can allow me to do this?
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You could use the SDK
Wouldn't this be similar to glyph recognition? I've not messed with it yet but there are some predefined glyphs you could use. You could also use RQ codes as well. Unless it has to be a heart. It may not be exactly what you're looking for but if you're not married to hearts you may want to try those options out in ARC.
Wolf King, use Open CV - Computer Vision Library
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Open CV is compatible with ARC, but limited to one item.
There is a freeware program to create your own "glyphs" ...the more ways to communicate with your robot the better....and the advantage of glyphs over VR is anyone can communicate with your robot!..thanks for the tip @Rich
@irobot58 I have only looked at the glyph feature so I'm sorry if this is a dumb question: Can you import a glyph into that function? I have plans on messing with it soon and I just was wondering if that's an option. BTW could you post a link to that freeware? I'd like to check it out. Thanks
@Antron007 .....while this link is not actually a glyph generator it might do what you want!
QR code gen
The Forum search has a lot of discussion on this subject as well:)
To be more specific with what I need... I want to make a Magic The Gathering card sorting machine. The machine will sort by color and by release. Each release has its own unique symbol which is on the same spot on every card. There have been many releases, and new releases come out every couple of months.

Here are the different colors:

User-inserted image

Here is an example of the symbol:

User-inserted image
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Colour tracking is possible, if the cards are different colours then I would use that method rather than attempting to use custom tracking with Open CV