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Suggest A H-Bridge?

Hey Guys,

First time poster, I was wondering if I could get some advice from the veterans.

After seeing DJ's wall-e robot, I've been working on making my own for a while. Originally I was looking to do it using a netduino as I'm a .NET developer but kept hitting some bricks walls I couldn't get passed. So now I'm looking to move it over to using the EZ-Robot platform.

You can see a few pictures of what I have so far here:


As you can see, for the wheel motors, I'm using a Tamiya gearbox running some brushed DC motors. For the motors I have 2 options available, which are:


So my question is, could someone suggest which would be the best motors to use? and also recommend the cheapest / easiest H-Bridge to use that works with the EZ-Robot platform? If you have a link to how to wire it up with the EZ-Robot board aswell, that would be awesome.

Cheers guys



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Mattbrailsford Welcome! Visit this link to the motor controller 2.5 A of ez-robot:
2,5A motor controller
And relative to the engine I think this is more appropriate because it works to 6v: Brushed DC Motor: 130-Size, 6V
United Kingdom
Hey R2D2,

Thanks for the recommendation, that's exactly what I am after.

One question, on the video is shows DJ bridging the 2 enable pins to control the motor via PWM. Would I be right in assuming that if I want to control 2 motors at different rates, I wouldn't bridge them, instead run two cables and use two PWM controls? (I assume you can choose the port in the config to the PWM).

Many thanks for your help.