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Strange Happenings

I have many many scripts in the Script Manager. When I call on them from another script , it sometimes tells me that there is no window named by that script. But, it is IN the script manager and created. I create another window by the same name and it runs the script in the script manager. But, if I change the second script that I created, it still runs the script in the script manager. I just have to have a second script window created. --Strange. I don't know if it is a BUG or just my stupidity.

Also, when it starts acting crazy, I try to turn it off and it won't turn off. I can turn off EZB and such when i turn it back on, it continues where it left off.

example: Roomba control is going from F to B to L to Right. When I try to stop it, it doesn't stop. It just continues over and over again.

Also, when I start at first , my voice recognition is working superb. But, later on in the program it stops suddenly.

I had a section in my script that said :

ControlCommand ("Voice Recognition", scriptStart)

But , it was giving me an error. Is there a command I can give the EZB inside of my script to get Voice Recognition working again?

Over all, it is working good except for these quirks. I seem to be able to operate each item individually, but not all together.

It seems to be of the rebellous nature. When it is doing it's thing, it doesn't want to stop. I gets hung up. BUT, it is still working. not to be confused with FREEZE Up.




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Thanks moviemaker,

I was just logging on to ask how to STOP a script. I just started writing scripts. Tonight, I can not stop it. Somebody..Just make it Stop! I'm OK now.
I use Say commands as debug. I had to turn my audio OFF.
One thing that I found was that I had duplicate scripts with the same name. When I cut one off, the other one kept running. But, Marti does seem to have a mind of her own sometimes. There is a command Halt() that is supposed to stop everything. But, by the time I say "Halt, she is not listening anymore." I am sure that it is my fault. I need to have a large room to test her. I just have a few feet of roaming space. Not good, but that is all I can afford.

happy roboting!
Many scripts can get complicated to diagnose. Specifically if they are executing each other and creating loops and such:)