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Store Re-Opening?

any more news on what new stuff is going to be on sale in the store and when is the new stuff going to be there , I'm itching to spend my credit *eek*


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United Kingdom
Big note in the store!


Due to unexpected demand, our webstore is out of stock until March 1st. In the meantime, our retail stores do have stock.

March 1st it should be selling again.
sorry was editing while you posted I meant the new stuff:D

new stuff like what.
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Also - stay tuned because Jeremie is working on a similar ez-bit from us that will be using RGB led's instead of single static color. It will be an extension to the existing RGB Animator that is used in RGB LED Array and Humanoid Head with Camera & RGB Eyes

It'll blow the adafruit 8x8 out of the water...

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Well - you'll be addicted to the stuff jeremie is making. I will/should be seeing prototypes tomorrow. They should be in the store in March. What are they?

Let's see... a gps module, an accelerometer, a gyro, a compass... maybe a few others Smile

We even made them small enough to be clip'n'play and attach to existing Revolution robots. Now we're getting serious!

sounds like fun:D