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Stopping A Servo With Voice Rec.

I have an arm with 2 servos, one raises and lowers the arm and one opens and closes the claw. I have VR set up to raise the arm when I say "JAC raise your arm". The vertical servo box in the EZ-B in the setting is set to stop the servos at the highest and lowest point of the arm so not to bind the servos. When I say " raise your arm " it does just that it goes from lowest to highest. However if I need the arm to stop at any point, lets say 50% the way up I want to tell the arm to stop or if I need it to go a little more say another 10% I want to be able to tell it to do that to, how do I do that. Thanks confused confused confused confused confused


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Tymtravler: I ran into the same issuse when I was doing the script for my robot. I have three commands in the Voice Command scripting section:

The first on in the Pharse collumn says "Arms Up" In the Command Collumn it reads " #move both servos to position 95 servo (D18, 95) servo (D19, 10)"

To move arms down, in the phrase collumn it says "arms Down" In the Command Collumn it reads " #move both servos to position 10 servo (D18, 10) servo (D19, 95)

This moves both arms up and down. Note that when I used the servo command, that I had one listed as 10 and one as 95. This is becase the servos are opposite each other and one of them has to have the functions reversed to get the arms to go the same direction.

To move the arms to the center position, I added another voice command that says "Arms out". In the Command Collumn , it reads "#move arms to position 50 servo (D18, 50) servo (D19, 50).

Thats How I got it to work.

Dan S.


There is also the command ServoUp() and ServoDown()

There is a manual of commands to the right when editing. You can search for the word servo. Or you can browse and read the commands.:) or as you type, "servo", all commands with the word servo will display in a list below.