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Hi there,

I am new to EZ-Robot and love the new software version.
I'd like to design my robot using Sketchup. Where can I find the STL-files for the bits and pieces from the kit such as servo, camera and controller.



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United Kingdom
There's some info here

The link to the STL files in ARC doesn't seem to work, I assume the files are not ready yet. It may be an idea to practice with sketchup by making the servo from scratch... Or just wait it out for STL files to start to surface, I'm sure more than only me must be playing around with them (so far I've concentrated on brackets etc. to get back into 3D cad but may try the servo, camera etc. when I get chance).
Cool. Thank you for the quick answer. I'll try to create the stl for the servo and will let you know how far i got.