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Is this a project that's been updated from the old JD to the new one?

If so I think you need to import the design from the new JD project. I don't know 100% since I've not done it but I remember there is a topic somewhere about this.

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Try this...

Click on merge User-inserted image

Navigate to the Examples folder User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Open Model Template JD User-inserted image

Choose Yes User-inserted image

Select EZ-Robot to import User-inserted image

Click OK User-inserted image

Voila, JD Model imported in to the project User-inserted image


i got the topic from dj and try it out.whit no luck.


ok i got the 3d but it keeps turning

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That's because it's designed to keep turning, that's the nature of the control.

Click the design button on that control to open the designer where you can rotate the robot as you please or make adjustments.

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