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Still Need Assistance With Audio Question

I still need help with audio problem.I keep losing audio after a few verbal commands with speech recognition. Also lose audio for speech synthesis. I have the latest version of EZB software. Using same windows 7 laptop that has always worked in all my projects. I tried to start a new project with just speech recognition and speech synthesis and still have the same problem...this started in the last two weeks. no errors are reported from debug..Need help!.. I know that audio works with everything on laptop including windows chimes...


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Wow, it almost sounds like you may have a problem on the EZB board it's self. Maybe the little on board amp is overheating and starting to fail. You could tie into the board before and bypass this little amp and send the sound signal to your own amp and speaker. At least this would tell you if it's a problem with EZB's amp.


The speech recognition does not use the EZ-B.

If you are losing speech synthesis and speech recognition - I would say the Windows Speech System has an issue. There must be a way to reinstall it?

If you want, post your project and i'll take a look to see what could be up.


Ok I upload project to is Audio test.


I went thru all the settings for speech recognition in control panel and i have not found the problem..


I do however get sound from wav files on soundboard


Ok so I deleted the Realtek high definition audio driver and then reinstalled..Audio seems to work well now.