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Static Fuzzy White Noise Sound From Spkr Speaker

I've by passed the little speaker and have soldered to the SPKR on the board. I'm using the original Omnibot 2000 .03W speaker. The speaker is in excellent condition. I'm getting a lot of white noise when using the sound board or SayEZB(""). The louder the volume is set to the less white noise. Can anyone help me with some ideas on how to resolve this?


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Agreed, I have reviewed those threads and others. Maybe I've missed something above. I do not want to add another amplifier to the robot or a male stereo connector to the EZ-B.

I want to use the EZ-B's amplified sound. The Omnibot's two speaker wires are directly connected to the two SPKR spots. It seemed according to Dave's instructions the SPKR spot is the amplified audio?

I know there is a high pass on it and that is okay. The volume coming out of the current connection is fine as well. It's the white noise/fuzz/static that is the issue.
Check on ebay for a Ground Loop Isolator. It may help.
The white noise/fuzz/static is most likely caused by over driving the amplifier that is not made for a speaker the size of omnibot's - it might also be caused by a little noise on the filter circuit.:)
Okay, I ordered the ground loop isolator. It was only 4 usd from eBay. Will report back the results of using it. Other wise it seems like I'm gonna have to go the route of adding a external powered amplifier and using Daves and Techno Pro's method. Will keep updating...