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Standard Ultra Sonic Sensor


This is my second post and now I need a little help with the ultra sonic sensor. I looked at the video from dj but I couldn't see the actual way to hook up the wires to the sensor. Would it be possible for someone to describe in detail the best way to do it. Some good images would be great. Thanking you guys in advance. Jay


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on one 3 wire servo lead hook red to vcc, white to trigger, and blk to ground

on the other lead with just the white wire hook this to echo.
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Excellent thank you, then do I assume the leads are attached to the board as normal? It may seem a daft question but in my experience its best to ask
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Yes. And then add the control in ARC, set the ping & echo ports and viola.

Every control has a question mark next to the close X button. Pressing the question mark button will direct you to a tutorial page for the respective control.

Ultrasonic Tutorial
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Asif I hadn't even noticed that. Excellent I successfully got that working. Seems a little skittish at times but none the less a happy success. Thanks again guys