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Ssd1306 (I2c)

Any chance of adding a control for the OLED 128X64 display? I can make it work with the Arduino running Adafruit's sketch. But I'm lost with the EZb script.

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It's easier to write the i2c commands in ez script than arduino. What does your arduino sketch do? I can help tell you to use the i2cwrite() instead of the arduino equalevant

Without one to test with, I can't write the code


@DJ I was just looking at the 8x8 matrix control that you wrote. Which would be the easy way out for a non-programmer:) I'm just starting to look at code both arduino and EZ-script. At this point all i can do is take someone elses code and play with it and learn by cause and effect. As for my Arduino program all I did was modify the Adafruit example sketch to display a couple eyes looking around.


The 8x8 matrix we had one to test with. So with this I'm unable to create a control that goes into ARC for thousands of users without knowing if it works:D

I can help you port the arduino code if you can share the commands that you'd like me to replicate.

I also should add that jeremie has an oled ezbit which we will be announcing soon


Your too kind! Let me muck-about Maybe i will learn something in the process:)


@SteveB Just as DJ mentioned we are working on an OLED ezbit which will be SSD1306 protocol via I2C, so you'll be seeing a control soon:)