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Ssd Relay

Hi guys. I've bought a SSD relay for the lights of my robot since I'm using 220V for now.

This is the schema the seller has sent me:

User-inserted image

I've connected the black cable (ez robot gnd to the minus of the realy) and the red cable (the middle one) to the +.

With this configuration the lights are not controlled by the ez board. When i plug the batteries on the ez board the ssd relay light will turn on and the robot lights will turn on too. This will happen even if I'm not connected to the ezb.
Connecting to the board will not change anything.

If I connect the white wire (signal cable) to the plus I have that:
the light on the relay works well and only when I press ON on the digital set.

In this case the problem is that the lights won't switch when i switch the digital set. The relay light will display correctly the switch but the robot light won't switch unless i unplug and plug the current cable.

So to switch I must switch on the digital set of the ez builder, unplug the cable, plug the cable back.

Any Idea?


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It is turning on because the +5v on the EZB is always +5V. With +5V and Gnd across the input terminals it will close the relay.

To control it you need to use the signal cable. Two ways, one may not work the other will...

1) Connect the white signal cable to the +V of the relay (this may not work if the signal cable isn't man enough)

2) Build a switching circuit with the TIP122 Darlington Transistor and connect that to the relay. You may need the additional diode in the switching circuit for this application.

Check Josh's EZB powered Salt Water Tank project, he has used relays and mains voltage.
RICH'S #2 item is the proper way. You shouldn't energize the coil of the relay with the digital signal pin on the EZ-B unless this relay bored is made specifically for Audrino Type controllers. The input voltage on this 1 looks like it will be okay.