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Ssc32 Control


I can connect the SSC32 to the UARD #0 of the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller and it works fine, but if I connect the SSC32 to a comport of my PC it will not work. It is not possible to save the SC32 Control with a comport.

How can I connect the SSC32 to a comport?

MfG Hansi


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The Problem is not the hardware, when I connect the SSC32 to a local comport it works fine with Script-commands. ComOpen, ComWrite ..... will work.

The Problem is the SSC32-Control in ARC witch will not connect to a local comport.

I think it is a Bug in the SSC32-Control of ARC.


So it sounds like you want to control the SSC32 with ARC through a port directly from your computer and not a port off the USB? I pretty sure you can not do that with natively with ARC.


Dave is right the ARC control needs an ezb v4


Yes, with EZ-Robot controller it works fine, but in the Settings of the SSC32-Control you can selct a local Port. The Comort will not be saved with the Project and it will not work.

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The software still requires a connection to the ezb for the software to work. This is because the framework for moving servos and controlling I/o is dependent on an ezb connection.


Hello DJ Sures,

your a right, with an active connection to the EZ-B V4 it works fine.

There ist another Bug, I had to edit the Projectfile with the Editor, the comport will not be saved.

" <SSC32> <Paused>false</Paused> <IsEZB>false</IsEZB> <baud>38400</baud> <port>COM9</port> <usMax>2000</usMax> <usMin>1000</usMin> </SSC32> "

Thansks to all for your help! Hansi


I'll definitely have the saved com port looked into, thanks!