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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Srf05 Ping Sonar

Hi, been using Devantech SRF05 (Positive TTL level) pings forever with my previous controller Basic Atompro... The neat thing about the SRF05 is the trigger and echo use the same pin (meaning simple 3 wire connection)... I haven't used the EZB before but I have a pre-order in for the Roli kit... So, my question is can (since I have 5 of the SRF05) the EZB 4 use the same pin for trigger and echo?

Looking forward to getting the Roli kit... Too bad have to wait until Dec to get it....:(

Thanks in advance...


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You bet! Use the same pin when selecting in ARC.:)

Welcome aboard! Yah sorry about the wait... Plastic Injection Molding is a pretty big process! Takes quite a while. But we're rushing to ensure it's all done to sit under everyone's Christmas tree - or whatever everyone uses over the holiday.
Mr. Sures thanks for the reply... Been doing the Basic Atom thing for a few years now it's time to step it up... By the way if you ever IPO your company please let me know. I have some money to invest...