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Spotty Speech Recognition In Ez Builder

Sometimes speech recognition works on my system and sometimes it will not work at all. Also, it may work a while and them stop in the same session. I'd like to know if anyone has delt with this and if there is a solution or any pointers.

I can see that the mic is picking up my voice by the bar chart moving when I talk. But, at times there is no action from the speech recognition block.

I have used my computer mic, a Bluetooth mic, a directly plugged in mic, ect. My laptop is plenty powerful running windows 7.


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ARC uses the built-in speech recognition included in Windows by Microsoft.:) any issues with the speech recognition can be directed to microsoft's website for training and adjustment settings. Every control has a ? beside the close button. Press the ? to view the tutorial/help for the respective control.

The tutorial/help for speech recognition will provide instructions to load the speech training for your voice.:)
After I "trained" my computer to my voice patterns I was amazed how much better this feature worked. Also you need to speak clearly and precise.
I too have been down that road and likewise been frustrated by the mic setup and Microsoft VR training. It does have a speech dictionary where you can "record " words to actually "nail it down". An inexpensive headset REALLY helps getting 92 to 94 % recognition. Of course it is wired via USB. There was an earlier thread on this Forum by DJ and others regarding a wireless mic , which would be the way to go! I STILL would like to explore other means of communicating with FRED via hand signs/glyphs!