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Spoiler! Firmware V13

Coming Soon: Firmware v13 (Codename: OMG)

Whoa! What's this? Firmware v13 for the EZ-B Robot Controller is in testing phase!... Isn't that supposed to be an unlucky number? Well, unlucky for ME because I haven't slept in a week:) ... So let's see what is new in the coming-soon Firmware v13...

For those who haven't seen the progress over the past week, I have many new features. Including:

  • 70 servo Positions (double resolution!)
  • 50 servo Speeds
  • I2C Read for interactive console (Great for debugging and learning about your i2c device)
  • support for 5 EZ-B's at once! (That's 100 Servos!)
  • an interactive console to the script engine.
  • more object avoidance.
  • smarter self navigating.
  • Script labelling, goto's and conditions.
  • Faster and more reliable Ping Sensor support (with false positive algorythms)
  • Improved timing on uart output
  • Return() allows returning from a goto label
  • Invert servo direction option in Radar Controls
  • HTTP Web Server now works with Firefox, Safari, Apple iPhone and Android

Have you been wondering what I've been up to? Oh, there's more... *cool* Stay tuned:D

Release date will be in the AM of October 31st 2011. Of course, soon as I actually wake up:)

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70 servo positions! it will be interesting to see how that works and adjustable servo speeds just getting my Omnibot back on his wheels so he will be a getting a major update to his brain as well can't wait

Get some sleep DJ your work is much appreciated big time..


We'll be launching v13 OMG on Monday October 31st. I've asked for all EZ-B purchases made today (Friday Oct 28) be postponed until Monday October 31st so they get the latest firmware.

I have a few people testing it hard, so far no bugs. Fingers crossed it stays that way over the weekend:)


DJ, What is the proceure to update to V13 when it comes out? The firmware is on the chip isn't it?


Hey, don't bump something that's only a few hours old. Geez, i'm a very busy man:D

Look at the tutorial section of this website. All of your answers are there *cool*


Sorry DJ, It had completly diapeared so that is why I bumped it. Also, my bad, I had spent the last hour looking for the obvious, again my apologies.


Another v13 OMG Firmware screenshot... A return stack for Goto's

I've always encouraged people to create multiple Script controls as reusable procedures. It was a clean method of controlling procedures, but enough requests for a return stack came in. I caved, and here you go:)

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If I use the ultra sonic ping sensors, how many ping sensors can be used at once? Also, is there a 360 degree radar?


Wow! This is Great news! When I first bought my Ez-b the only thing I lamented was not being able to control more than one board in a single instance of the control software. (A couple of the projects I have planned are going to require quite a few servos.) Now being able to control up to five at once promises that I won't have to learn another controller language in the small amount of time I have that isn't devoured by family and work. Or figure out where to make the servo control break to run two instances of the software and make them play nice in the same project.

I'll probably see soon, but does this release also include the animation controls you mentioned in another thread? Or is that still forthcoming? I haven't been able to do much more than play with my board so far, but I can see I'll be picking up another board sooner than anticipated!


TheGoodRobot, You can run as many ping sensors as there is I/O for. There is no 360 degree radar because there is no 360 servo. Technically you can use a modified servo, but you'll never know the location of the servo. Unless you use an encoder wheel. A proper encoder wheel for that application would have one tooth missing, so it can calibrate every 360 degrees. Much like how your crank shaft sensor on a car engine works.

Drakken, if there is need for more than 5 boards, I can extend that. I can technically support up to 250 with the ARC, but the connection control would occupy too much screen real-estate. I figured five would be plenty.

Drakken, this release was necessary to complete the animation controls. The servo accuracy was too little for the requirements. Plus I had some protocol improvements to decrease latency and increase speed. These changes for v13 were necessary to move forward.

Now I have a list of features (including animation controls) that you'll be seeing in the upcoming releases.

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12 Hours, 9 minutes and 54 Seconds until v13 OMG Firmware Release!

Love it........lets hope we don't get a hold at 10secs before launch time lol:)


Darnn timer finishes at 4am here, silly time zones :P cant wait to get home from work and check it out!


Dj will you write me an excuse for work so I can stay home and play with ez-b? I hope I get it in the mail today!


26 minuts and counting:)

The wall-e family can't wait:) User-inserted image


Your Wall-e is looking sharp:D They'll be style'n with the v13 OMG


Whoa, a 360 degree servo is cool!

You can have multiple desktop screens by extending the size of the desktop. Under utilities there is a Set Desktop Size option. It'll load a little control. Configure the control and enter the size. It'll make your desktop the size you specify.

The 360 degree servo will work with the radar control, it just won't look 360 degrees. Maybe someday i'll make a control for one if i get one to test with.


Hehe, don't worry about it:) I'll order one since they're so cheap