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Resolved Resolved by Danger!!

Split Off Battery End With New End?

The battery I got lately has the wrong sized tamyia end. I was wondering if its possible to slit off of the wire and put a smaller end. Aka use big end for charging and small end for powering(not at the same time though.)

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United Kingdom
I'm not sure I follow;
If you cut off the end and replace it you will only have one end. Unless you are planning to cut into the wire and basically piggyback another connector (like how a Scotchlok Tap Connectors would work).
You can cut off the end and then solder the two ends on in a "Y" connection. Just be sure to keep tbe polarity right. If you wanted to be extra safe you could make some sort of covers to put over whichever end is not being used to prevent shorting it out.
Yea thanks Danger! I guess put a cover over the end when i'm not charging.

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