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New Zealand
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Split Function Query

Hi Dj Sures...

I've been playing around with the split function for the last couple of days writing an automated announcement routine that simply reads from a long list of dates with attached comments so that my bot can remind me of birthdays, etc.

While doing so I noticed an interesting behaviour with the SPLIT() function.

It seems that when I import a preformatted date from my comma delimited txt file it comes in as a txt data but it is treated as a math formula when split.

I have written to a txt file a date and a comment to be spoken when imported from the txt file and assigned it is read as simple text I have:
"21/01/2013,Hello DJ Sures"

but when I Split($TXT,",",1)
the date information is calculated as 25 divided by 12 divided by 2013
eg. "0.000866336633663366"

Is this intentional?

I would have thought that I would have to do post processing on my text data rather than the EZ-Script so a date coming in as txt remains as txt until I assign it to be a date!

My work around was to write the date as three integers:
21,1,2013,Hello DJ Sures

Works fine!

What are your thoughts.....?


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Hmmm. Date, time, millisecond time functionality is definitely needed. I have messed around with calculating time diffs, it seems unnecessarily time consuming. I've been trying to conceptualize ARC vs sdk stuff. Been into hardware a lot getting a robot to work with. I'm gonna start putting a lot more time into ARC real soon so should have more insight into development.
I made it so any data read can also be math equations. That way you can perform your realtime math within the file. You'll need to use a different delimeter for the date, perhaps a period as used in many date formats:)
New Zealand
Awesome thanks DJ ... the knowing makes the doing easier.
Also i should add, that proper CSV puts strings in "quotes". If the value is not in quotes, then it will be numeric and therefore be calculated.

Put the date as a string by surrounding it in "quotes" and you'll be fine:)