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Speech Recognition

Hello, I just got my new computer and I am finally running Windows 7. To my dismay I spent the entire day and I can't get speech recognition to work. I have read all the turorials and searched and read everything on the forum to no avail. Language, default, Windows SR off, tried everything. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi DJ, No errors, just nothing happens.


You might have to adjust your volume for your microphone. To do that..

  1. right click on the little speaker on your system tray

  2. Select "Recording Devices"

  3. On the Recording tab of Sound, you'll notice a little VU meter beside the active device. Make sure your active device is indeed the microphnoe you want to use. By making sounds, the VU meter should move.

  4. Double Click on the active device and there is a "Levels" tab for the microphone volume. I have my volume set for 78. Play around with different volumes until you see your voice is being picked up by the VU meter.

If you move the window with the volume over, you can see the VU meter as you adjust the volume slider. This will allow you to fine tune it. You will want the VU meter to pick up your voice around the middle. If it is too high, the recognition software will not work.


DJ, Checked all that again and all seems to be as it should. Still nothing.

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Bookmaker I know this is stating the bleedin obvious (I'm British) but do you actually have a microphone on your new PC?

if so is it installed correctly check in control panel. Install something like Skype and check that works out.

Make sure the confidence level in the speech recognition config panel is set to 0.90


Thanks Winstn however been there and dun that. I even tried another mic and both work just fine with any other progaram. I know it is just a setting but I simply can not find it. I spent all of today trying again and have nothing to show for it. Anyone else with a suggestion, no matter how obvious, please let me know. Many thanks in advance.


Haha, that's a strange one. First, you have to have the EZ-B connected. There has to be an EZ-B connected on board #0 .. How about that?


Ha Ha, Very funny! Extremely perplexing.


Did you try with board 0 connected?

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Install ARC on another PC and check that works then look for diffrences between the 2 setups


I will try both ideas later today. Looks to me like I may be returning the new computer.


Bookmaker. Do you have the webcam from Konig in your robot ?

If so > look if your recorded mic is that one.

I installed w7 on my laptop and installed speech software and disable the start up) Next day i had my brand new konig wireless cam plugged in and installed. No speech recognition anymore........ after almost an hour i disconnected the cam and tried it again an whoopy it worked again.

if not > I had the same problem on my HP dc5800 tried everything i even reinstalled windows 7. and it is still not working, skype works and speech to word also....

So i installed on my laptop a toshiba and at first it did not work because i let the speech service on. turned it off and it's working

end if >


You are certain the microphone input VU meter is displaying your voice level?


GeeeeeeeZZZZZZZZZ, I must admit I don't know what I did but once I upgraded to V13 the Speech recognition started working. Thanks to all for the great direction. I be one happy bookmaker.


Well! Seems that v13 is a very lucky number after all:D