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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Speech Recognition

Can speech recognition be added to the mobile interface in order to be used with a mobile phone?

Related Hardware EZ-Robot EZ-B v4
Hi @jbrawley9906 Yes, that module communicates via UART so you'd be able to use it, you'd just have to write a bit of code to make it happen. Luckily it looks like there are a lot of Arduino example projects so you should be able to follow the examples to write your own ez-scripts.
Thanks for the response Jeremie.
How would I go about hooking that module up to the ezb in order to communicate. The code I could figure out as that's pretty simple with the ezb, however I have not hooked anything up to the ezb as an input yet. I've only hooked up servos and lights to the ezb so far
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There's a UART port (UART0) on the EZ-B, pictured here:

User-inserted image

You'll need to connect the following connections from the EZ-Bv4 to the Geeetech module:

TX to RX
RX to TX

It seems the module needs 4.5-5.5V so you'll need a 5V regulator to go from a VIN pin on the EZ-B to the VCC pin of the module.

Just search on the community or in the EZ-Script "Script Help" section to send UART0 commands.

*Edit: There's also an example EZ-Builder project called "UART Peripheral" that comes with EZ-Builder to help you out.

To be clear will the geetech work with the mobile interface?
Yes, You can activate scripts with the Mobile interface. Anything within the EZ-Script editor is fair game.