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Speech Reconition On Windows 8

my new lab with windows 8 has built in cam and mic i try setting it up . how do i activate it in ez-b i go to mic setting click on one shows up . its not working the i thought it apply it all nothing any one could shed some light on .dj goes though the video so fast not sure if i missing a step . thank cory:D


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Have you set up voice recognition in Windows Control Panel? You need to train it and set it up correctly.

Also, check the voice commands in ARC, you need to set them up and define which scripts or commands to run when activated.

Also check pause isn't checked


...emphasis on the training. My Win7 laptop didn't have a problem, but my Win8 could barely understand me. Went through 2 rounds of training and now it works like a champ.

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Train at least twice, if not more. I've trained one of my PCs every day for over a year now and it still struggles on occasion or just randomly thinks I've said something (however rare these days, it's pretty spot on now for 99% of things).


haha sound like iam going to be having fun with new window.. i may have more question later :D thanks guy ill give shotter


hey guys i had call dell on my computer so they fix. i new it mic wasnt working ..its fix now. on the phone for three hrs to fix it .:D


well my robot hes move by voice command still need do more speech training on the windows 8 . for fine tune it up some more , next month working on the talking speaking and order parts to do all those things.:D mr genie wet and dry vac is on move :D