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Speech Recognition Variables - More Please :-)

I feel like someone might have asked this before but would it be possible for the Speech Recognition control to provide as a variable the current command it "thinks" it heard ("robot turn left") along with the confidence (Low Confidence) and the confidence level ("0.77")? User-inserted image

I think access to these as variables would be very handy to use in other scripts.
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Wouldn't Lowering the minimum confidence setting have the same effect with less work?


Not for what I'm thinking about DJ. The reason for access to the variables is not to resolve an issue with speech recognition or confidence settings.

The goal is to be able to script more logic and "smarts" for my (our) robots with access to those variables. A couple of examples of what we could do are:

If speech recognition has detected "robot turn left" repeatedly scripted logic could cause the robot to ask "Are you sure?".

If speech recognition has detected several commands with a lower confidence scripted logic could be created for the robot to say, "I'm having trouble hearing you."


Ill see what I can do :)


This release:


Thank you, thank you! Its so awesome to see the new features!