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Speech Recognition Language

EZB prompts me to select a language in speech recognition configuration window , But there is nothing there to choose from. It's blank. I have a mic connected , working well for EZB recording. I use win 7. What should I do to activate this function ?


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This may not solve your problem but ez robot does not officially support Win 7 anymore... See the link below at the bottom of the page (Minimum requirement is now Windows 8.1). If you don't upgrade your PC you are probably going to experience even more issues down the road while trying to run ARC... Minimum PC requirements Win 8.1


Leonardo, the version of ARC you have is over 1 year old. Probably a good opportunity to upgrade. It'll be impossible for anyone to assist because their experience will differ.

Second, press the question mark (?) on the speech recognition control to view the manual page. The manual page explains how to verify the speech works in windows. If the speech recognition works in windows, it will work in ARC. All I'm doing is repeating what the manual will tell you to do.

Lastly, the windows 7 operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, and therefore unable to be supported by ARC. When you upgrade ARC, a message will notify you of that. ARC is built with features not supported by windows 7. Newer features require newer operating systems.

Microsoft gave windows 10 away for 1 year for free.


OK DJ , you helped me solving the problem, saying "if speech recognition works in windows, it must work in EZB too". Indeed it didn't work in windows. I solved the problem myself. My win 7 hadn't the service pack for english language installed. I downloaded it from a non official site, because Microsoft didn't help. Bye, and thanks to all.