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Speech Recognition Disable, Enable Phrase Still Has An Question

I know we discussed this before in this thread:

Forgive me if it's not proper to start a new thread on the same issue but I left that thread thinking everything was OK. Well, I've had time now to test this. I've found that there is still a problem with the Speech Recognition Disable, Enable in the Voice Recognition Panel. However I think I see what's going on:

At the start up of the EZ Builder program this feature works great. When I disable the Voice recognition with a phrase I have listed in the Voice Recognition Panel it stays disabled till I re-enable it with a phrase (just like it should). However if I first use a different voice command I've listed in the panel "and" I've set a timed parameter (like this: MP3TriggerPlayTrack( d0, 38400, 3, 16000), it will screw things up. It seems like the last timed parameter that was set (ie: 16000 in the last example) stays in memory . Then if I ever want to disable the Speech Recognition using the phrase method in the Speech Recognition panel it will only stay disabled for the amount of time that was set by the last timed parameter used.

Hope this makes sence and makes it easier to find and correct,

Dave Schulpius

Don't know why the title of this thread has the word "Question" at the end. It should have been "issue".

Sorry, Dave Schulpius
:P Easy? For you I'm sure it is! Heck, I couldn't even convey my thoughts on it logically. Sorry again for the lame attempt. I guess this revels again what a nub I still am.

Thanks for hanging in there DJ. I'm glad you finally understood my mumblings. So once you add, as you say a " don't unpause after timeout" featuer, will I be able to un pause with a unique command?

Please don't feel you have to do this right away. I'm sure there area other priority's.

irobot58, thanks for chiming in! I think I understand what your saying. I know DJ is now on board but I'm still trying to learn. So... What you are proposing tis hat I keep the SR busy waiting on file playing on the laptop? However will using your "Sleep(180000)" then the "cc(speech recognition,pauseOff)" will only keeps the SR off for 18 seconds till it's re-enabled?
DAVE have a blessed safe christmas and a happy new year.
@dshulpius..dont be toooo hard on yourself! we're all in the same bo(a)t:) "What you are proposing is that I keep the SR busy waiting on file playing on the laptop?" yes! and yes to the last question except that 180000 I believe is 1000=1 sec so 180 sec would be 3 mins? ;) just saying! ,my friend dave. @robotmaker I like your use of capitals...in this case! :)
Ahh, yes, my math was wayyyyy off on that one. 180000 is 3mins. Must have not counted a zero or something.

With that said; when entering any value above 37500 or so will return a Syntax Error saying "is not a valid time to pause the Speech Recognition. Enter a value between 1 and 60000". Something is off right there. The program is only allowing slightly more then half of what the error says it will allow. If my math is correct now it should allow one minute (60000) but is really allowing about 30 seconds of pause time. Most of my sound clips fit into this time frame but a few are just over. No real biggie and not a deal killer at all.

Thanks again for the help,
Dave Schulpius
hmmm I ve got some time and would like to confirm or deny it.....you could have found a bugbot :)

User-inserted image

Well I agree after 3.4 secs this error window comes on! DJ has it on his "to do" list .My sound clips of course are typically minites long! I dont have an mp3 trigger yet so I use my other work around using the above exec[b/] example. If you like B9 to play you tunes try the above example dave.