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Speech Recognition And Sayezb In Mobile Device

Can i use the Speechrecognition in the Mobilemode per Android?

Can i use the command SayEZB in the Mobilemode per Android?

Must i have a Android App for the SpeechSynthesis?

I havent found answers in this Forum.



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Speech recognition does not work in mobile.

Sayezb() works with android mobile. On iOS, sayezb only comes out of the mobile device speaker due to API limitations.

There is a question mark next to every control in ARC. Press the question mark to view help for that control.

The mobile interface help lists the supported controls. Here is a direct link for your convenience:


Assuming it is still not possible to use speech recognition on mobile, is it then perhaps possible to use the microphone on the android device, but use a PC to process the speech recognition?

Thing is, ezrobot does not have a microphone input, and my PC is a desktop which could be in another room. I need some way to have speech recognition, and using my android phone would be handy.

BTW, total newbie here. In fact Im still waiting for my kit. Plan is to incorporate it in the InMoov I started building.

edit: found a workaround, using a smartphone as microphone over wifi:


That's a neat find. I'll have to download this Smartphone/Mic app and play around with it.

I'm currently and very successfully using a Plantronics Voyager Legend UC - over-the-ear Headset. Built to be compatible with a PC. It connects to your PC through Bluetooth. It has great range, power and has nice noise canceling along with other real nice features that gives the PC a very clean and powerful signal. I've been able to talk to my PC with this headset from many rooms away.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Uc Monaural Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Headset, Microsoft Optimized

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I know this is not what your asking but I'm pretty sure you need to be running ARC on a PC to take advantage of the Speech Rec. The PC gives all the power where the Mobile app is hooked to the cloud. Sorry, although I've been using EZ Robot for about 5 years now I've never built or studied the Mobile app and how it works. However I do pay attention. ;)


WO Mic seems to work very well. Ive obviously not tested it with ezrobot yet, but just playing the audio over my PC speakers, it is crystal clear, it appears to fully utilise my phones built-in mic noise cancelation, and even latency is surprisingly low over wifi.


Have posted about it 2 years ago.