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what I mean in speech recognition window. There are phrase and command column. what is the maximun line of phrase and command can we list? Sorry for my bad English :)


Not you. I misunderstood. I dont know the answer to that. I know that the component that is used by DJ allows for very long text. I am currently using the same component with a string that is 584 characters long without dictation library loading issues. Here is an example of a long piece of text that loads into the dictation library and might actually be used.

"Wally's World: The Brilliant Life and Tragic Death of Wally Wood, The World's Second-Best Comic Book Artist"

The 584 character string isn't valid for my needs and it will be scrubbed and cleaned during the next process.


I too have wondered what the maximum number speech recognition entries would be.


I am loading in about 300,000 items into a single dictation library without issue. It takes a bit of time, but if DJ is loading these as they are entered, you would only see it when the project loads.

the larger issue that I would see is if words like won and one were used without employing a nlp to determine which one won ;). I don't think you will run into an issue with this.


>>I am loading in about 300,000 items

eek Whatcha talking about Willis? eek

These 300K entries are in your custom AI app or entries you made in ARC's speech recognition?


Ez-ai which uses the same dictation library that is used by EZ Builer. Unless ARC is in some way limiting the number of items, the underlying objects have no issue with large amounts of data. My sample teddy project has hundreds of items and I haven't had a issue. I doubt that ARC is limiting this number.


Ok, I gotcha David. But as the form for the Speech Recognition in ARC has an option to add entries I would assume there is likely a limit and that's the limit I believe @myro was asking about and I was curious about as well.

Another way to ask the questions would be how many text boxes will pop up in the windows form for the control of the speech recognition for us to manually add entries before it breaks?


I completely understand. I haven't found the limit yet and as I said, I dont know if DJ is limiting it in any way. It is a question he will have to answer, but knowing that the underlying controls dont limit it to anything unreasonable would help to know. The control he is using is probably based on an int32 which has a max value of 2,147,483,647. Even if this were limited to int16, its max value is 32767 plus or minus. I dont know of anyone ever having an issue with adding too many items to this control, but the limiting factor wouldn't be the control on the form, but the dictation library (IMHO).

Understanding the underlying limitations helps to get an idea of the answer without having a concrete answer.


Ah-Ha, very cool. I didn't think about those int values.


Thank you all for all the answers.