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Speech Recognition

Hi My 11 year old son has built a interactive walle with ez-b complete kit but cannot get the voice regognition to work the green bars on the meter go up when he speaks but no words come up in the box (ex. robot turn left)he is working on a computer with windows 7 and has a built in mic witch is working fine. our email is him and I have spent countless hours on this and wolud appricate any help Thank you


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This is probably more of a problem with Windows rather than ARC check that the computer language is set to English. Open up control panel and type speech into the search box start speech recognition and see if that at least works


also, press the ? button on the Speech Recognition control to receive help. Every control has a ? button that brings you to a help page. The help on the speech recognition control will guide you to setup the speed recognition within windows.

ARC uses the native speech recognition built into windows 7. Once you follow the tutorial, it'll be a breeze:)

Also keep in mind that some laptop microphones are terrible. The new Sony Viao laptops that EZ-Robot staff use have very bad microphones. My old Sony Viao microphone worked much better than the new one.

We use a Logitech Wireless Headset to compensate for the poor laptop microphone.

Do not consider putting a wireless microphone inside your robot because the robot makes too much noise. The noise will interfere with the speech recognition.

Sounds like your sons robot is pretty cool! Hopefully you'll share a quick video of it in action.


ok will go out to get a better headset and try that out thanks


Even with the speech recognition trainer it didn't work? I mean, did the examples within the trainer work at least?


not really sure what that means (exmples within the trainer)

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The first step would be to run the speech recognition setup in Windows. Go to the control panel in Windows Double Click on Speech Recognition Click either Take Speech Tutorial (if you haven't already) or Train Your Computer To Better Understand You.

Does the mic work in those?

Once that is done and if the mic is working it should work in ARC. Ensure you don't have Windows speech recognition running though. Also check to see if you have the microphone set to give exclusive control to applications, ideally this should be turned off (but it's Windows, sometimes it prefers it on... blame Microsoft).


When you press the ? button on the speech recognition, it will direct you to the help page. Every control has a ? button next to the X (close). The help will explain how to access the windows speech trainer.

Here is a shortcut to the help page that the ? button will direct you to:


I have all redy tried that and I set it up but it still doesn't work

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Try changing the Region and Language Current Location Setting to another country restart the PC then change it back again restart again sometimes that can work.

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As obvious as it may seem if you have tried everything else I have to ask if there are voice commands set up in the voice control? Is voice control paused? If possible could you post the project so we can rule out any issues on the ARC side of things.


I tried for weeks to get it working. As it turned out, I am from the U.S.A., but I have an accent that is Australian. That was the only language that worked for me. I have never set foot in Australia or seen a Kangaroo.

As they said earlier, it is not an EZB thing. It is a Windows thing.

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If Windows voice recognition and the training works then it should work in ARC. If it is then the problem must lie in the settings/phrases in ARC. If it isn't then the problem lies in the mic configuration/settings in Windows.

If you believe voice recognition to be working in Windows please upload your project so we can check you have VR set up correctly in ARC.


360, What did you finally find the problem to be? It would be great for other builders that have this same problem to know the solution. Glad you are up an running! VR is so exciting! I cant wait to see the next generation of this science. Someday (Soon I hope) we will have computers listening and responding with 100% accuracy to any voice. Just like Star Trek. We're almost there now!