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Speech Commands In Vb


I tried a few lines of code that go like this:


and some other try outs, however I don't get very far. The idea is to assign voice commands in a string and/or array. I want the robot to react to voice commands that are pr├ędefined. Any suggestions ?


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I'm trying something like this:

    Dim strSpeechTest(0 To 6) As String

    strSpeechTest(0) = "Robot Stop"
    strSpeechTest(1) = "Robot Release All"
    strSpeechTest(2) = "Robot Drive Reverse"
    strSpeechTest(3) = "Robot Drive Forward"
    strSpeechTest(4) = "Robot Turn Left"
    strSpeechTest(5) = "Robot Turn Right"
    strSpeechTest(6) = "Robot Do As You Please"




Download the EZ-SDK package and unzip it somewhere on your computer. Look through the examples in C# and find the Tutorial 12 - Speech Recognition.

        List phrases = new List();

        phrases.Add("Robot Move Forward");
        phrases.Add("Robot Move Reverse");
        phrases.Add("Robot Move Left");



Tnxs DJ, I wonder what would we do without you;)


I know how it would feel. Because he total ignores MOST of my questions. :(


Well MovieMaker, offer him a drink or so...


He answers the question before me and the ones after me. I don't understand it??? I KNOW he knows the answers to the questions. I may be paranoid, but it leaves me feeling rejected. I was in a similar situation and I always try to treat everyone fairly and have no favorites. confused


OK, I know that D.J. is a busy man. Also, what you get for what you pay with the EZB is a REAL BARGAIN. I am just a little sensitive, I have undergone OPEN HEART surgery recently and my emotions run while sometimes. But, I just think he should answer in the order that the questions were asked. We have GOT to get to work on building a CLONE of him.



Don't take it too personal. He's idd very busy and can't reply to every post I guess. If he would, then there wouldn't be any time left over to improve the EZ-B or work on new stuff... Anyway, if it makes you feel comfortable I'll try to help you where ever I can. The only thing is, I'm not that intelligent eyeroll . I hope you're catching up quickly with the healing process of your surgery ! May the force be with you !


I was thinking just use ARC instead of learning code but thats another place you need to keep asking questions to get answers...I thought this stuff was supposed to be simple...errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


The use of VB has other advantages then the ARC which I also use to explore things. My idea is building a robot with many algorithms to interact with the environment, humans and other robots. So we're talking about AI. I experience I have with the ARC makes me convinced that C# or VB is much more capable of doing so. I already found out a few decades ago that it is far from simple.... I sometimes wonder what have I gotten myself into...


Cheers Phg. like how dos moved to windows gui, the secret we all drive for is to have the complex made simple. I'm guessing DJ's background has been primarily programming and he has tried to simplify code via script commands using ARC. Now that's a huge achievement but it is still hard yakka for people like myself that are learning about Robots from the base line. Ultimately a gui like Nxt-g that could be as simple as windows would transform robotics and release it to the masses. Now that would be awsome.


Yeah, that would be awsome. Anyway as soon as my GUI is more or less finished I'll upload it over here with some text and explanations. For now I'm working on a manual drive around (through keyboard, joystick and voice) and a automatic drive, using sensors etc... The ARC is indeed a huge..... HUGE !!!! achievement. It's amazing what it is all capable off. DJ is multi talented and extremely intelligent. I wonder if he ever sleeps.