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Asked — Edited

Speaker Tone - Sound Distortion

I came across the Speaker Tone feature and thought that was a very simple and neat way to add a bit-o-character without added expense. So I modded the plug on a piezo PC speaker an away I go...

But what I actually get sounds distorted and drawn out, like the note is being broken in little segments and extended (best way I can describe it). The volume is also very low.

I have tried and tested the following...

Latest firmware & good power - included battery pack and auxiliary 12v DC

Different speakers - voice coil (8ohm) and piezo... no difference at all.

Correct pins on ports (inner and outer GND and SIG) even reversed leads to speaker just in case... no diff. (and yes, I am using the digital ports... it is working, just distorted and quiet)

Tested multiple ports... no diff.

Tested with and without other items attached... no diff.

It is such a simple thing... not sure what I am possibly doing wrong... even followed the tutorial exactly (RTFM:) ) well, up to the scrip part... because what is on the video looks different then what I have on my ver. EZ-B. Darn upgrades;)

Is this an obsolete feature and I just missed the memo? I have scoured the forums to no avail.



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New Zealand
Discovered the same problem last weekend Gunner but did not have the time to stick around to find a solution....

I, like you, will await for the guru's to speak!

- Tameion
United Kingdom
The speaker tone I noticed went very low frequency a few releases ago I beleive DJ said it was due to processor time available in the EZ-B board?

I wasn't that bothered as I was doing other things at the time but it was quite good fun to have my Omnibot make R2D2 type sounds

Another thing I noticed but haven't had time to investigate further was the sound servo control that didn't seem to actually move an assigned servo there's too many other new goodies to play with each release. Perhaps someone else can confirm this?
I have also detected that tone speaker at low frequency, but only sometimes, when he opened several ping or overloaded long sensors screen with many controls, but that was some time ago, and many new versions have come from ARC.
Is thought speed bluetoot could not work with all at once.
Regarding the servo sound works for me very well, but more data here:
RSP link

United Kingdom
R2D2 thanks for the heads up on the sound servo (lol) I will try again tonight

Great video and Robot BTW
Oh! I didn't know there was a problem with the speaker tone. I used it on this release not too long ago for Omnibot - I'll have to check again and see

I had debated on removing this feature - not sure if it's that useful. Free up some memory for some more magic.
United Kingdom
For me you can remove it. Its great fun to play with when you are new to EZ-B though
For me it is like the passenger side sun-visor mirror, fun to check out at first, but probably ignored from then on... but when you later need it, it is nice to have;)

I'll just wait and see what DJ chooses... unfortunately an MP3 sound board is low on my budget priority... but hey, I can move servos and stuff!:D
United Kingdom
Sorry R2D2

Well I can't get the sound servo control to work. I get the graphs and can adjust the scalar etc and the control indicates the servo position changing when the PC's mic detects sounds but when I assign a servo the servo position indicator then doesn't change

I declare it broken I'm sure its a small fix though

Since the subject was brought up, I also tested sound servo and just like winstn60, I can get a nice graph and see all the level numbers change, but not a single twitch from any servo.
Just tried the speaker tone function again... still not working, just slow, low volume, muddled tones. Just curious DJ, is this to be an officially removed function as per your comments? Or is there a fix, or for that matter is there a problem... perhaps I am doing something wrong? (who me? nah *eyeroll* )