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Speaker On Ez-B

Reason i am writing this is because i want to be able to play mp3 sound on my robot i know that ez-b has support on sparkfun mp3 trigger but it is too expensive it cost 50dolar+shipping is there another way to play mp3 sounds on my ez-b, a simple circuit maybe or another cheaper device that will do what i want thanks and cheers


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You will need to either use an MP3 board, amp & speaker or use a bluetooth (or other wireless) speaker.
There are no other ways of doing this.
thanks lumpy i have a quest,on about that product is it enough if i connect only gnd,rx,tx to ez-b thanks
You can get by with Rx/Gnd/3.3V
thanks while using the trigger i think i will install it like installing sparkfun version

in ARC mp3 trigger

it says


lets say i will connect the trigger to d1 port what is the setup for board and baud rate thanks

and where do i connect my speaker thanks
So once you have this board and a small amp you will
have the following connections:

Soundboard/Amp -> EZ-B (RX/GND/3.3V)
Amp -> Speaker

It uses serial command lines:

SendSerial(D1, 9600, 0x01) -> Plays Track #1
SendSerial(D1, 9600, 0x02) -> Plays Track #2
SendSerial(D1, 9600, 0x03) -> Plays Track #3
and so on.

Search the forum, they have been discussed here.

Amp from E-Bay that I use.

Click -> 3W Amp