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Sparkfun Rfid Reader With Ezb Compatibility

Hello all, I am new to using RFID tags and have never used a reader with an ezb. At my previous home I used QR codes for location awareness but I cannot do that in my yard. SO I was considering using RFID "stakes" in the soil.

Anyways can someone take a look at this and tell me your thoughts, any help is appreciated so I can plan what to buy to make reading yard tags easy for my mower. THANKYOU for you are help!


User-inserted image


User-inserted image


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Have a link to the rfid module?
It would be awesome if I could use either of these with easy builder
that's UART, it will work with the ez-b v4. Datasheet says its 9600 baud

says it is i2c, so it will work with the either ezb v3 or v4

is uart or i2c will work with either v4 or v3

anything that's UART or i2c will work with v4
anything that is i2c only will work with the v3 or v4

Keep in mind there are no controls for these devices in ARC. You will have to use EZ-Script or make a plugin ...
OK, I will cross the bridge of making a script or control once I have a unit to play with. Thank You for checking. I didn't know if UART protocol for example made it automatically compatible.